Are Zimbabwean orphans really funny?

Orphan David on arrival

Australia’s favourite curmudgeon Peter Fitzsimons had a sly attack at Manly supporters in his column last Saturday, using Zimbabwean orphans as the punchline to his “joke”.   

My thanks to Fitzphile Sam Clough, who drew my attention to this fascinating news item: the Manly cheer squad has just returned from a trip to an orphanage in Zimbabwe.
”It was a great chance to meet underprivileged people with very little hope in life,” said Alfred Mgombo, aged six.


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Shalom: My first camp

Welcome to Shalom!

I’ve been getting a lot of Google hits to this site searching for the Zimbabwean camp site Shalom, I guess because I mentioned it in a previous post.

As it’s the first camp site I ever went to and it’s a place where I went to many times in my first fourteen years, it’s only appropriate to tell a bit more of the Shalom story.

Shalom was an isolated camp site in the southern reaches of the wild Matopos Hills, spiritual home of the Matabele tribe.  The Matopos is a breathtaking playground, 35km from the second largest city in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo.  It’s a playground of tumbling boulders, all of the African big game, the world’s largest concentration of the black eagle, caves with ancient cave drawings and monolithic granite outcrops.  It’s also the place Cecil John Rhodes chose to be buried at the appropriately titled World View.

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