About me

Abseil, Queensland

At the top of the Brooya cliffs

The hardest question I have to answer is “where are you from?”  My answer – all over the place.

I spent my first 14 years in Bulawayo in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe before moving to Townsville, North Queensland, where I remained until I finished university, completing a Bachelor of Economics.

I survived three years of public service in Canberra before embarking on a 15 year adventure with a mission and discipleship outfit Cornerstone Community in Canowindra and Dubbo, Central New South Wales.

Life took a new leap forward when I moved back to Queensland in mid-2009 to assume the position of the Director of the Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC).

I married my beautiful wife Anne in 1997 and we’ve managed three boys (aged from 11 to 5) who keep us busy.  What better place for them to grow up bit in and around camping?

Everything here, though, is my personal opinion and is not read or approved in advance, nor should it be construed as the opinion of QCCC!

Some of the stranger facts about me:

I was born in Bulawayo, second largest city in current day Zimbabwe (but back then it was Rhodesia).  My tag “Mzilikazi” pays homage to the original king of the indigenous tribe that settled Bulawayo, the Ndebele.

I’m what’s referred to as a “late lamb”.  I’m 17 years younger than my brother and 15 years younger than my sister, effectively making me an “only child”.  All of my nephews and nieces are closer i age to me than my siblings.

I immigrated to Townsville in Queensland, Australia in 1985 when I was a few days short of my 14th birthday.

I studied and completed a Bachelor of Economics at the James Cook University in Townsville.

In 1992 I was one of 350 Graduate Administrative Assistants accepted into the Australian Public Service at the height of a recession.  Apparently there were 30,000 applicants.  I can only suggest my success is attributable to grace.

I spent fifteen years studying and then working with Cornerstone Community.  It was a wild time and saw me experience a lot including:

  • Starting a contracting business attached to a lucerne farm that is now a highly profitable venture.
  • Helping a mate start and grow a turf farm that grew 200 acres of lawn at its peak.
  • Managing a vegetable packing facility for several years.
  • Running a contract labour crew that established hundreds of acres of vineyards in the Cowra region, excellent for Chardonnay.
  • Several years as the overall manager of a grab bag of businesses, schools and tertiary colleges.
  • Opened a franchise of Domino’s pizza in Broken Hill.  Our first week of trade set the Australian record for opening trade of a Domino’s franchise in the country.

I married my beautiful wife Anne in January 1997 and we’re the proud parents of three energetic boys – Joseph 11, Timothy 9 and Elijah 6.


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