Wisdom from Canada

On a bus, going somewhere

One of the best outcomes from my recent study trip to Canada was the opportunity to tour with 25 other Australian and New Zealand camp Directors to a place where we met up with close to 30 camp Directors from Canada. I’ve been writing up my report and reflections from the trip, and in the process being reminded of some of the pithy quotes from Canadian Directors that I wrote down.

Here’s a selection for reflection.

“What you celebrate and reward gets done.”

“We’re responsible around here. We let the younger kids shoot the .22, we don’t let them have a .308 or shotgun until they’re aged 10.”

“Our job is to create space to allow God to do His work.”

What goes on tour, stays on tour?

“Church is multi generational but it doesn’t do multi-generational well. Our leaders come to camp, are empowered and have a huge ministry – they lead people to Christ, baptize people, really see kids change but when they go back to church they’re offered the job of handing out the bulletin. Our research suggests more than 80% of Christian camp leaders will leave church by age 30.”

“Teach about a principled life rather than a legislated life.”

Sitting in an undercover area with a breathtaking view over an Alberta lake: “I figure they will learn more about God looking at this than listening to me speak.”

“Success will silence your critics.”

Every decision we make is filtered through a prism to ensure it is something that will build community in our guest groups.

Yep, we swam in a glacial lake (briefly)

On Air Canada out of Toronto: “You have a boarding pass for row 31? We only have 29 rows.

“We tell our counselors to look at Jesus teaching methods and do that. Spend time with your kids, love them and use the natural settings and everyday life to teach them about eternity.”

“It takes 5-7 years for kids to ‘get’ Christianity.”

Referring to our canoe lake at QCCC Mapleton: “That’s not a canoe lake, that’s a pond!”

“Hey, I can download our leadership training resources for you if you want?”

Someone in Manitoba: “What on earth were you thinking when you bought an Edmonton Eskimos shirt for your son? That’s child abuse.”

Talking about running a horse program on a campsite: “You have to make sure the rest of the site can subsidize the expense of maintaining horses.”


“Knowing all the financial hardship we’ve experienced over the last decade, would I do anything differently? Well if one kid had come to know their Creator because of all this (and there’s been a lot more than that) I would still consider it worthwhile.”

“Alberta is Canada’s answer to Queensland.”

“I’ve already had two death threats over the direction I’m taking this ministry. They’re Alberta death threats though, not to be taken seriously.”

“The one who would be a leader must also be a bridge.”

“If a bear comes in the night and is outside your tent, lie flat on your stomach with your hands over your head.”

“Do you enjoy your job? We need younger men like you to come through the ranks.”

Yeah Peter, I do.


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