Princess Di is wearing a new dress

Well thank goodness that’s over!  I have to admit I’ve not watched the video of my own wedding, so the thought of watching hours of British pomp and ceremony over two strangers born with a silver spoon in their mouth was all a bit much.  I’m just a bit cranky the football was delayed to accommodate it.

So many people swooning over the fantasy princess strolling down the aisle to her dashing (erm …..??) prince and a life lived happily thereafter.

Oh please.

I wonder what Charles thought as he stomped up the steps of the Abbey – surely memories of thirty years ago assailed him of a simpering and eventually sycophantic Diana flitting her eyelids at the males in the congregation as she strolled the red carpet.  I wonder if he felt sorry for his son having to endure the same shimmy towards the inevitability of another broken fairytale.

The little I did see of the ceremony looked joyless and lifeless with precious little chemistry between the so-called fairytale and in-love pair.  Poor commoner Kate looked thoroughly exhausted, William is a Windsor, ’nuff said.  The weight of prying billions squashing squarely on their shoulders as the realisation sinks that they face a lifetime of prying paparazzi and Fleet Street frenzy.

That’s both a comment on the irrelevancy of royalty (particularly for Australians) and the insatiable media hunger for celebrity and hysteria.  They may be thoroughly nice people, but they’re being thrown into a cauldron that few, if any, could survive. It’s galling to think of the forests that will be cut down covering their exploits, and the does-she, doesn’t-she have cellulite lift-outs when put up against the genuine issues the world faces.

Pity a world distracted by such frippery.

A quarter century ago Depeche Mode released a satirical song called “New Dress” – about the slavish attention to Princess Di‘s latest fashion faux pas while the world burned.  Di might have fulfilled the prophecy of her public pet-name, but long live the Queen.

Kate can be the new Di, the new dress.

Given the battles the world has faced in recent months, and with 300 people killed overnight in vicious tornadoes, the song has lost none of its relevance.

Sex jibe husband murders wife
Bomb blast victim fights for life
Girl thirteen attacked with knife

Princess Di is wearing a new dress

Jet airliner shot from sky
Famine horror millions die
Earthquake terror figures rise

Princess Di is wearing a new dress

You can't change the world
But you can change the facts
And when you change the facts
You change points of view
If you change points of view
You may change a vote
And when you change a vote
You may change the world

In black townships fires blaze
Prospects better premier says
Within sight are golden days

Princess Di is wearing a new dress
You can't change the world...

4 Responses to Princess Di is wearing a new dress

  1. Evan says:

    I just woke up this morning thinking the exact same thing!!! Ha, I guess you beat me by a day. 🙂

    • mzilikazi says:

      The way the commentators have raved on about the fashion and little else makes me wonder if in fact they think the new dresses were just lumped onto mannequins.

  2. MUM SAYS says:

    Read it through twice. Each to his own!!!!!!

  3. anne Grant says:

    Yeah, bit harsh, I think. We need fairytales, we need to hope, we need celebrations like that! I love the Depeche Mode song though. Very true!

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