Not a good look for Ricky Nixon

Up to now I have resisted comment on the peculiar case of the St Kilda schoolgirl, but the turn this gruesome tale has taken over the past fortnight is one that can’t be let go.  For those not familiar with the story, the basic timeline is this:

  • Early last year a 16-year-old schoolgirl meets AFL players from the St Kilda club at a coaching clinic at her school.
  • About a month later she hooks up with some of the St Kilda players after a game in Sydney and sleeps with one or more of them.
  • Now 17, for a time she is the “girlfriend” of one of the players and allegedly falls pregnant.
  • She allegedly miscarries twins.
  • Her pregnant plight hits the national media amidst hand-wringing about the way footballers treat women (let alone the bit in the Victorian Crimes Act that makes it illegal to have sex with a child under 18 who is in your care).
  • Story dies down until December when the “St Kilda schoolgirl” posts nude photos of St Kilda players under the guise of revenge for the way the St Kilda club and players treated her.
  • Girls gains increasing notoriety via her Twitter and Vimeo accounts, despite her name and identity being suppressed to media outlets.
  • St Kilda and the AFL initially reign down threats (including ‘we will bankrupt her until she’s 30’) before adopting a more conciliatory tone and providing a hotel room and money for the girl to “get back on her feet”.
  • Ten days ago the girl alleged online that she had bedded (for revenge) prominent player manager, Ricky Nixon, manager of some of the St Kilda players.

Since then the issue has been publicly played out in a macabre, but fascinating fashion.  Ricky Nixon is well used to dealing with scandal and damage control, having been the manager of high-profile bad boys Wayne Carey and Gary Ablett.  So predictably he swung into the accepted “best practice” for dealing with such things, strategies that served his clients so well in the past.  Deny, discredit the accuser/victim and if all else fails, create a media vacuum, knowing that if there’s no further fuel poured on the fire the issue will simply go away.  His cause was even helped by the onslaught of another major news story, the Christchurch earthquake.

For a fuller explanation of his twisting and turning, check out Derryn Hinch’s blog on the subject.

How the girl is depicted in the media

The problem for Ricky Nixon is that he’s been out foxed, outplayed and out-manoeuvred by this social media savvy 17-year-old.  His denials were met with hard evidence of video and photographs that certainly raise a lot of questions, if they’re not outright damning.  The video also mean his attempts to discredit the girl have backfired horribly (the funniest line in the saga is one of the girl’s friends being overheard to say “God he’s ugly, you’re dating the elephant man.”)

And just when the police were about to swoop on him for an interview (or more) Nixon hopped on a plane bound for Ireland, presumably to ride out the media storm and hope it dies down to a manageable level.  Problem for Nixon is he will eventually have to come home (or become a fugitive) and the Christchurch story is ebbing while the commencement of AFL play is still three weeks away.  There’s plenty of legs in this story yet.

Ominously the girl’s Twitter account has fallen silent.  It did so on a day where she met with her lawyers and police.  Presumably she’s been warned off making further comment because there may well be a welcoming party prepared for Nixon’s eventual return.  Quite possibly a criminal one.

A lot has been written about the mental state and the well-being of this girl.  I do wonder what price she will have to pay for her vengeful approach, particularly emotionally, seeing as a lot of her payback has effectively been about using her body as bait.  But at the same time I grudgingly admire her pluck and courage in seemingly singlehandedly outsmarting the combined resources of an AFL club, the AFL administration, and the most powerful player manager in Victoria.

At the very least she has become a micro-example of the power of entities like Wikileaks to rip away institutional fig leaves and challenge cosy old boys’ clubs, puffing up the walls with their cigars to protect their stuff ups (again).  (Thanks to Terence Trent Dárby for that line.)


4 Responses to #Rickyleaks

  1. stan says:

    I’m not sure what’s worse, Ricky Nixon’s story or the fact that you can quote Terence Trent D’arby!

  2. MUM SAYS says:

    Too sordid for me….they deserve each other!

  3. anne Grant says:

    Very sad…where is Kim’s mummy? There are lots of unanswered questions in this girl’s life.

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