Camp Orange fun

My less-frequent blogging over the past few weeks has been partly due to me being conned into making an audition video for my eldest son Joseph and his friend Nathanael.

They’re auditioning for a spot on the kids reality television show called Camp Orange which screens on the Nickelodeon network.  Camp Orange takes four pairs away to an undisclosed campsite for four days where they compete for prizes and the mantle of Camp Orange champs.

They get thousands of audition tapes so we’ll be fortunate to get a gig, but the two lads do have a “unique selling proposition”.  Their pitch is that they both live on a campsite and therefore they know the ropes (literally).  As they say in the audition tape, ‘we live camping, we know it inside out’.

I suspect their audition has become the property of Nickelodeon and therefore I won’t screen it here.  However the youtube video is a compilation of their bloopers.  I’ve never done a video before and by the time we’d finished shooting we had something like 45 minutes of footage that had to be pared down to three minutes.

As you’ll see from some of these out takes, we had a lot of fun!


One Response to Camp Orange fun

  1. MUM SAYS says:

    I cannot imagine how long that would have taken? Be interesting to see the finished product, if that is just the bloopers! Well done Joseph and Nathaniel, great stuff.. Who is the funny person laughing in the background? Best part for me was when you were saying you go to the same school and are in the same class….that was very natural and enjoyable. GOOD LUCK!

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