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A short break in the Selous Scout Mission transmissions.  There’s a couple of other things I have to mention in the meantime.


The beautiful Blackall Range where we live

A couple of months ago I blogged about our church, Maleny Baptist, and the journey it’s on, with an emphasis on home groups.  We’re kicking one off in our area, Mapleton.  Below is our pitch.  Would welcome any thoughts or comments!

Mapleton Cell Group:

What we are:

A Cell Group for families in the Mapleton/Montville area, focused on encouraging each other in our spiritual journey and being proactive about practical ways to stay true to Jesus’ Commission to make disciples and share the gospel.  Hospitality, intentional growth and shared mission are the most important part of our fellowship.

What we do:

Weekly: We congregate around a kid-friendly weekly shared meal (tentatively Thursdays at this stage) commencing 5pmish at the home of Andrew and Anne Grant at the Mapleton Centre.  After a few months of getting to know each other we will look at options for a more intentional approach (eg Bible study).

Monthly: On the third Sunday of each month we share brunch at a park or beach on the Sunshine Coast or in the Hinterland.

Mapleton Village

Virtual: Interaction and sharing via social networking encouraged.  The group will have a private Facebook Group to further the possibilities of staying in touch with each other through the week.

Triplets: A grouping of 2 or 3 from within the Cell Group of the same gender who meet regularly outside of regular Cell Group times.  3 tasks are to be accomplished each meeting. (1) Sin is confessed with mutual accountability, (2) Scripture is read in context, (3) Non Christians are prayed for.

Service: A strong part of our focus will be shared mission through service to the wider community.  Personal and corporate service and evangelism will be encouraged and celebrated.

What we need:

Young families with a desire to meet together to grow, encourage one another, build relationships, see God at work, serve our community, express our love to God and practice hospitality, creating a small ‘faith community’ that does life together. We also ask for forbearance at the experimental nature of the Cell Group.  It will be subject to regular review and adjustment to cater to the needs of those who God brings to us.


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