A new vision

Creativity required to stay at the cutting edge.

A few weeks ago I went on retreat with the managers of the three sites I’m responsible for within QCCC (Queensland Conference and Camping Centres).  Amidst time out for good fellowship, we also spent a lot of the time discussing the vision and focus of QCCC, mapping, from the ground-up, our vision for camping and conferencing in the future.

Our starting point was to look at some of the previous history and directions for camping under the Queensland Baptists banner over the years.  The focus on two things:

  • Identifying the timeless things so we could retain them and take them forward.
  • Working out things that might belong to an older (pre-internet) age, or ideas and concepts that have been swamped by the tsunami of government compliance and bureaucratic meddling, rendering them impossible to deliver. 

What we have come up with is this:

Vision statement:

QCCC exists to create life-changing experiences through excellence in hospitality, service and teaching.

Mission statement:

We will do this by:

  • exceeding guest expectations.
  • partnering with guest groups to facilitate and empower their programs, obtaining mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • providing cost-effective programming for sustainable ministry.   
  • valuing and empowering an enthusiastic staff body to pursue a positive work environment which models the values of the Kingdom of God and makes them attractive. 
  • caretaking the natural environment of our facilities and interpreting their beauty.

Over the next few weeks I’ll elaborate on the choices we’ve made.  For today I just want to focus on the word “create” in the vision statement.  I felt it important we use this word as good camping requires great creativity.  The surest way to atrophy is to get stuck in a rut.  If we’re going to remain relevant in the marketplace, we will have to place creativity front and centre in our efforts – essential if we’re to stay vibrant and evolving.


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