Rainy day mentality

Okay, so I just binned the most boring and self-indulgent piece of blog …. I’ve ever written.  All that has survived is the title so I’m thinking I’ll freestyle it and see what comes …..

Is the pen mightier than the USB?

What I was going to reflect on is recent illness and why I haven’t taken a sick day to just get on top of the infection.  It’s not because I’ve been compelled to work, it’s mainly because I’ve realised I like to have a safety blanket of sick leave under my belt to save against a rainy day (how’s that for a mish mash of cliché?)

And the punchline would have been, I haven’t taken a day and will probably (hopefully) get to the end of working life with a huge bank of sick leave unclaimed and it will all be Pyrrhic.

So now I’ve achieved in two short paragraphs what was looking like bla bla bla for 500 words I’m going to ask the question.  Has the world of internet and blogging created a lot of unnecessary, long-winded prose?  Does the pressure to regularly fill a page lead to less reflection and lots of padded out and frivolous junk?

Resolution: I intend to become a bit more stripped back from here.

There’s a lot of content to absorb on the internet and I confess I’ve found internet reading has changed how I read.  I’m far more likely now to read a few opening paragraphs, skim or skip the rest, read the concluding paragraph and then decide if I really want to fill in the gaps by picking over the middle sections.

And often without reading the middle section I’ll be hitting the comments section with an opinion.  Vacuous, huh?


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