Mercy will prevail

So this weekend we moved house.  Not a big move – only a matter of 700 metres or so by the way the crow flies, 2.5 kilometres by road. A lot less than our last one just under 12 months ago – a 950 kilometre trek from the bleak, flat, drought-stricken plains of Dubbo to the oasis of Mapleton.

Ready for the coming summer.

But there’s something significant about this move that relates to that last one.  Because 12 months ago we moved from a community living situation to something that more closely resembled Australian suburbia, and now we’re going back to a community setting, moving to QCCC Mapleton into one of the recently vacated staff houses on site.

Our last eight years of community living at Dubbo’s Burrabadine Cornerstone Community were probably the hardest years of my life. We were wounded birds as we drove up the Newell Highway 12 months ago, stereo blasting a Choir song (Mercy will Prevail) that became a bit of a lifeline at times during 2009 – a reminder that regardless of the hard road recently traveled a sovereign God still had plans for us.

I wanna swear it’s true but it’s hard to believe it
I know it comes from You so I want to receive it
Divine love never fails
Mercy will prevail
I wanna swear it’s true but it’s hard to believe it

In the thrust of a bayonet
In the hour of deep regret
In a world gone insane

In the eye
In the eye of a hurricane

In the chill of a cruel word
In the nest of a wounded bird
In the shadow of doubt
In the smoke

In the smoke of a torch blown out
In the flight of a sharp stone
In the rubble where children moan
In our own apathy
In the blood
In the river at Calvary

Part of our new "front yard".

Twelve months ago I did not think we’d be in any great hurry to rush back into any kind of community situation. In fact part of me thought “never again”.  But he we are in our new house really looking forward to this new adventure in our lives and thrilled to be where we are – looking forward to the future with great expectation.

And gratitude. Yesterday a small army of our new friends marched into our rental house and within three hours had it cleared out and everything moved to our new digs.

I guess our experience of the past enables us to approach this new situation with our eyes wide open.  We’re not starry-eyed naivetés, we know the good and the bad of community life, and we’ve chosen this path knowing it.  Another day I shall ponder the challenges and blessings of living on-site in camping.

But for today, suffice to say that for this cycle of life, God’ mercy in our lives has prevailed, and it is a beautiful thing.


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