First to 100?

So for around two years I’ve had iTunes synced between my laptop, phone and iPod.  Not exactly staggering.  But today I noticed that my song play count currently has two songs in the nervous nineties and vying with each other to be the first to hit a play count of 100.

Steve Hindalong - lyricist for The Choir

Therein lies my conundrum, a little insight into my dichotomous world – which song do I want to be the first to raise the bat for a century?

In the blue corner (haha) we have “Sad Face” by The Choir.  The melancholy anthem that has been with me for 20 years, something I latched on to when I was 19 as a realistic salve to so much of the preppy 80s pop getting around at the time.  A song I turn to whenever the going is tough, to remind me that God’s sovereignty is far more important than my little travails in life.  Something that’s burned Ecclesiastes 7:3 into my head – “sorrow is better than laughter because a sad face is good for the heart”.
Okay, not exactly consistent with much of the Bible’s redemptive narrative but still a reminder that while we’re living in this present broken age we will experience heartache and sorrow and it’s something that can still be used for our good (Romans 8 says all things can be used for the good of those who love God), developing character and endurance (James 1).

In the red corner is a surprising candidate.  Well, those who know me won’t be surprised at the artist – the one formerly and once again known as Prince.  But I’d be highly surprised if my closest of friends could pick the song (Jonathan Chambers you’re my only shot at being the exception to this rule).


A joyous ode to the love of life (Image via Wikipedia)

It’s an obscure tune that only the hardest of hard core Prince fans will know of.  Taken from a bootleg series of something like 10 albums called “The Work”, come on down “God is Alive“.  This is thumping, raw percussionist base cushioning a funky overlay with Prince’s breathless falsetto twining around Rosie Gaines‘ swooping operatic soprano.  I guess it’s a fairly innocuous song, one of those flashes of inspiration Prince seems to get when waking up, and recorded two hours later.  Just a dead set raw gem.

And it’s a party song, probably everything Sad Face isn’t. A joyous ode to the love of life underpinned by the certainty of a Saviour – let rip and enjoy the extravagant adventure of life we enjoy and be sure to celebrate it with the one who gave it to us.

I guess at the moment my frame of mind would be to lean towards getting God is Alive over the line, but I know I’d experience a massive pang of gross disloyalty at betraying a trusted and old friend in Sad Face.

So I think I’ll get them both to 99 and then let “random” decide (and that would be the first time in life I’ve ever been random).


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