Back from Mount Tamborine

Queensland Retreats Conferences Camps

Some of the QCCC Tamborine property

I’ve just had a couple of days at QCCC Tamborine, mainly having meetings with some of the other local operators we work with up there.  We have joint ventures with several of the local attractions, we accommodate groups and refer them on to some of the other operators to enliven their time on camp.

Mount Tamborine could loosely be called the Gold Coast‘s equivalent to Mapleton and Montville where we live in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  It’s set back 35 kilometres or so from the Gold Coast, with the road there twisting up the mountain to an elevation of 500 metres above sea level.

The entirety of the Tamborine property is at the end of Beacon Road and consists of something like 50 acres of breathtaking open space.  There is a beautifully relaxed ambiance about the whole property, highlighted by massive eucalyptus trees and with the high points enjoying sweeping views towards Brisbane, Moreton Bay and on a fine day Moreton Island.

Queensland Retreats Conferences camping

Views to Moreton Bay from Tamborine Mountain

QCCC Tamborine consists of three camp sites, each of which we’ve renovated to a fairly high standard over the past five years.  Each camp site is on a one acre block.  The Beacon Road property was originally a farm that was given over to Convention ministry.  Over the years one acre blocks were parceled off and various congregations and ministry organisations developed them into sites to complement the main Convention site.

Over the next few months we’re taking on a lease for a further three sites at Mount Tamborine.  We see taking these on as a great opportunity to value-add to our existing sites, with each property in line to provide additional services to our guests.

More on that later.  For the moment, enjoy the view.


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