The Great Whale Adventure

The Great Grant Whale Adventure – an Animoto presentation.

A close call with a giant from the deep

Over the weekend we went for a drive up to Hervey Bay, two hours north of here.  It’s whale watching season at the moment, the whales having migrated to the warm waters captured between Australia’s shoreline and Fraser Island, the largest sand island on the globe.

QCCC used to operate a campsite in Hervey Bay, a 70 bed facility called Barrawinga.  We were able to stay over there before getting up early on Saturday morning to head out into the Bay.

We were treated to a perfect day for whale watching and were treated by a lot of whales who were all very active.  They are such immense creatures, some weighing up to 40 ton, yet they can propel their entire body out of the water in their playful breaching.  We were captivated for hours marveling at their power and grace in the water.

I’d thoroughly recommend the trip to Hervey Bay for a spot of whale watching.  It’s a great chance to get up close and personal with these creatures of the deep.  You’ll never think of whale hunting in a positive light again.


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