Camping sub-cultures

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve written a few articles on Lady Gaga – recently listed as the most influential performer of 2009/10 by Time magazine.  I thought I’d explain part of my rationale for doing so.

Sub-culture would suggest you're not taking high heels on this expedition.

The three sites of that make up the Queensland Conference and Camping Centres cater to around 35,000 guests each year, many of them under 18.  To reach people in camping we think it’s important for us to remain aware of the major influences and passions of the people we host.

Modern society is a complex web of interlinked sub-cultures.  Information technology and the rise of social media have also increased the size and scope of sub-cultures by allowing fringe and niche sub-cultures to connect with others of like-mind in the virtual world.

When people gather around a set of common interests, forming a sub-culture, it’s inevitable that the nature of their interaction will be partly, sometimes greatly, influenced by their interests – impacting on their interaction, their activities, their language and their priorities.

In modern life we seem to have a capacity to seamlessly move between our various sub-cultures.  Stop and think about your day and the sub-conscious alterations you make in your language and persona to appropriately fit different circumstances.

To draw an obvious (and maybe unlikely) example, a Harley Davidson riding, church-going, soccer father, corporate lawyer is likely to make dramatic changes in his appearance, topics of conversation and even language tics as he moves through life from a Friday morning to a Sunday night.

And this is entirely appropriate.  Would he last long in his riding group if he turns up in his Armani suit and dominates bar room conversation with the intricacies of the latest change to the tax laws?  Would speaking Christianese be useful in engaging the other fathers at the soccer game on Saturday morning?

Have you ever taken some reflection time to ponder what your sub-cultures are?  What circles do you move in?  What impact do your social networks and interest groups have on your priorities, your language, appearance (come on down Emos) and even your service of the Great Commission?


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