You never know!

The sun sets on the northern beaches of Sydney.

I arrived in Australia, from Zimbabwe, a little over twenty five years ago. When we touched down in Sydney, en-route to Townsville, we were grounded by an air fireman strike.

Or rather, all jet aircraft were grounded. After a wait of a couple of days we were eventually put on one of the old Fokker

Friendship propeller planes to get us to Brisbane.

We crawled up the coast at low altitude for hours, not as bad as it seemed for me as a 14 year old keen to get a look at this new country we’d moved to.

And I distinctly remember passing over what seemed a magnificent golf course, jutting into the sea along the northern beaches of Sydney and thinking ‘I’d like to play that course someday’. Leave aside I’d only played gold once or twice at that point in life!

Over the next few years I did become a very keen golfer. I whiled away many teenage afternoons at the Willows golf course with one or two good mate

s with a similar passion. (It was a great escape from the intensity of being the som of parents running a hostel for missionary kids).

My golf playing waned through my university years, but you’d find me at the course sometimes at 3am, trawling the lakes for golf balls that we’d re-sell to the clubhouse. It was a very tidy earner.

Adult life sees me very occasionally brushing cob webs off 25 year old clubs for a bit of hit and giggle. And even that I haven’t managed over the last few years. Kids!

But today I finally made good on that latent twenty five year desire I had as a 14 year old. I went for a round at what I now know as the Long Reef Golf Course, Collaroy, with a work colleague – we’re down here for a conference.

And it’s a great experience, a breathtaking links style course stuck out into the ocean with sweeping views along the coastline, north and south. If only I could putt!

It’s a small thing, a minuscule memory that flight in a Fokker Friendship so many years ago. But it goes to show there’s always a possibility to make good on an intention.

Don’t let them go lightly.


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