QCCC n’ that

The pool complex at QCCC Mapleton

I thought I should fill in some of the gaps on Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) and my role here.  

Over the past two decades camping venues have gone through something of a watershed experience. Rising compliance costs in an increasingly litigious society and higher customer expectations have drawn the curtain on the rustic, occasionally used facility. The camp sites that have survived this rapid and total makeover of the camping “industry” are the ones that have invested into their facilities for the long term. 

The good news (for me) is that QCCC has stayed at the forefront of industry trends and boast three state of the art facilities in South East Queensland that are highly sought after. Each year QCCC hosts more than 35,000 people at its Brookfield (Brisbane), Mapleton (Sunshine Coast Hinterland) and Tamborine Mountain (Gold Coast Hinterland) sites. 

QCCC Tamborine is a great place for a retreat.


QCCC’s clientele is drawn from a wide strata of society including schools, church and community groups, other Christian organizations, music camps, art camps, ministry retreats and sports camps, to name but a few. 

QCCC’s practice of hospitality provides access and opportunities to influence many lives.  For many guests QCCC staff could be “the only Jesus they will ever meet and the only Book of Life they will ever read”. 

I’ve just assumed the role of Director of Camping (a position that has been vacant for five years) with a very specific charter from the Board of the Queensland Baptists to concentrate on the further development of the ministry and mission of QCCC. 

I’m excited by the role because there are endless possibilities for QCCC to have a profound impact for the Kingdom. We intend to build on what we already have in committed staff, breathtaking facilities and our extensive networking and interaction with other schools, community groups and Christian organizations. 

The pool at QCCC Brookfield taken from a precarious position.


Already in development at Mapleton is the opportunity for people to study with us to receive their qualifications in outdoor education. We’re putting this emphasis on training new staff because we will need people to work in our exciting new offsite expedition program. 

The two other sites also have some great opportunities for expansion and to branch out into new areas of ministry and service.  There’s a lot to keep me busy!


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