Mapleton Adventure Camp

Many hands made hard work

Yesterday kicked off one of the major mission “events” for the QCCC Mapleton Centre – the winter edition of the Mapleton Adventure Camp (there’s another held in the Spring school holidays).  While there’s a strong year-round focus of incarnational mission at Mapleton, the MAC is a week where the methodology and message is a little more overt than normal.

This year has a jungle theme and Kirkwood Hall was last night decked out to resemble a rainforest and a rotation of 12 games were set up for the campers to race around – gathering verses on placards and prizes as they went.

Each game had a message and the aim of the evening was for each cabin group to gather 12 verses with a life theme – to better equip them in life and relationships.

The activity I was running was not the most energetic or even the most exciting.  But it seemed to snuck up on the kids and disarm them.  The premise was simple – get them to cut up a banana into pieces prior to producing a bag containing a toothpick, tacks, sticky tape and elastic bands and tell them to put the banana back together again!

No going back

The cult of Master Chef has its influence – many of the groups had done an immaculate job of cutting their banana into multiple identical pieces that were nearly impossible to stitch back together.

The “moral” of the exercise is that it is very easy to do or say something that we later regret.  And no matter how much we may regret it, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to rectify it.  We particularly focused on the power of the tongue and the ease with which insults can roll off it with damaging long term implications.

A fairly simple object lesson but at the end of the night we had kids lining up to have a second go at a few remaining bananas, so they must have enjoyed some part of it!


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