When ideas come together

First. I want to have a go posting a blog from my phone.

The view at Mapleton, our new home.

Second. I want to reflect on how amazing life can be sometimes. You wake up in the morning completely oblivious that through the course of the day you’ll come across information that could end up profoundly affecting life and ministry.

Today the information was entirely of a positive and exciting nature. It’s one of those ‘ah hah’ moments when an idea gets put to you that makes such crystal sense, with amazing possibilities, that it’s very difficult to remain composed.

Of course it’s premature to say what it is just yet (sorry!) and there is plenty of water to pass under the bridge before vision becomes reality. But exciting nonetheless.

Finally, in 3 days time it will be the first anniversary of a day when my life, and that of my family, was turned upside down. Twelve months ago was a very dark time. How the wheel has turned.


2 Responses to When ideas come together

  1. kath says:

    12 months already?? It’s gone so slowly – and quickly – all at the same time. Very glad that 12 months is behind us all 😀

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