Hinterland Great Walk – Spot

One of the new developments we have at QCCC Mapleton is a program of off-site expeditions.  We have permissions in place and staff trained to offer a number of spectacular expeditions.  

Baxter Falls - Fed from the creek at QCCC Mapleton

Choose from canoeing on the Mary River (to mention one), sea kayaking off the South East Queensland Coast (take your pick from Stradbroke through to Fraser Island) and a wide range of walks, including overnight camping.  While on the trail we can offer raft building, rock climbing and abseiling.  

We’re surrounded by amazing scenery and a beautiful year-round climate.  

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we have a GPS tracker that updates our position every 15-20 minutes, making it possible to track our expeditions.  Not only does it enhance our ability to stay on track and/or react to any emergency situation, it also gives us the chance to track the expeditions online.  Plug that into social media and the memory and record keeping of each trip becomes viral and gains longevity.  

Follow the link below for an embryonic insight into what will be possible – a summary of the trail, description, tips for other travellers and, most importantly, the opportunity to upload photographs, make comments and post reflections.  All hard-wired with Facebook and Twitter connectivity of course! 

Hinterland Great Walk – Walking – Spot.


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