Spirit of Adventure

Something I really value about my work arrangements is that my office shares a wall with the offices of the Outdoor education team at the Mapleton Centre. 

My role means I’m responsible for three camping sites.  Each is unique in many ways, with significantly different operating models and attracting clientele across divergent demographics.  I see this as a strength of QCCC because it means we can cater to different needs across our three sites. 

Before my position was filled it was seen as important that the successful applicant be based at one of the three sites where they could be at the coalface of the ministry.  I can only concur. 

a significant role in providing an annual highlight and lasting memories ......

The benefit of sharing a wall with the outdoor education team is that I get a constant insight into the pulse and mood of the staff, and the doorway is open to hearing their challenges and passions. 

This team caters to something like 15,000 guests each year, often playing a significant role in providing an annual highlight and lasting memories to people as they hurl them down 150m of wire on the flying fox, get them to climb walls, abseil or swing from 16m up into breathtaking rainforest.  And then de-brief them on the experience.

By its nature outdoor education tends to attract people with a heightened sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors.  So when I’m overhearing the passions of this group I’m often listening in to some hair-raising adventures. 

We have some great toys to play with here at QCCC, and we’re surrounded by some breathtaking parts of nature.  These guys and girls know how to make the most of it.

This clip will give you a taste.


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