The definition of absurd

Sometimes you come across advertising material that stretches beyond the bounds of incredulity.

It was reported this morning that the Gulf oil slick is within seven miles of the coast of Florida’s Pasadena.

We’ve looked on with increasing anger (and growing helplessness) as a ruptured oil well has poured billions of litres of oil into the ocean while BP comes up with increasingly bizarre strategies to plug the leak that reek more of image control and media spin than scientific. Now we have James Cameron on the job.

The climate is changing alright.

So imagine my surprise to be confronted with this poster at a BP service station on the Gold Coast telling of BP’s concern for the environment and their desire to raise awareness.

Of course it features a beautiful picture of bright fish languidly making their way through a pristine sea.  hmmmm……..

They sure have funny ways of raising awareness of climate change and it’s implications for the environment.

If being one of the prime monopolist sources of the liquid that is responsible for belching carbon into the atmosphere ain’t enough, they’ll clog millions of acres of seaway with black crude.

That ought to raise awareness in a macabre kinda way.

Mark this down as the last time I refuel at a BP station until the leak is clogged and the Gulf cleaned up entirely.


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