Billionaire Australian Philanthropist Funds Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Initiative

Billionaire Australian Philanthropist Funds Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Initiative | Pro Bono Australia.

Heading out on a Duke of Edinburgh walk

The ability to get away from the rat race and immerse oneself in nature, and away from the distractions of life, makes for priceless and life long memories. 

I asked around my colleagues at QCCC about the benefits of offsite expeditions, and these are some of the responses I received:

“Outdoor Education can have a positive impact on both primary and secondary age brackets.”

Offsite expeditions empower us to give youth the chance to retreat into the wilderness for a while, and through positive and constructive programming make real and lasting impact on the lives of those participating.”

The depth of what we wish to enter into through offsite expeditions cannot be easily expressed or understood on paper. However, most of us are familiar with the exhilaration of a life changing experience, and the ability it provides to see the world through a new lens.”

Canoeing the Mary River

On my first day on the job a proposal for the expansion of offsite expeditions was put on my desk.  That betrays the anticipation and passion of the QCCC staff for this program. 

My observation from my shared office is that the staff is itching to go.  No doubt there’s the allure of getting out into some very spectacular scenery, but I think what excites them most is the ability to take others into it, and to explain and interpret it. 

As I write we have two of our staff accompanying a walking group in the wilds of a National Park off the back of the Blackall Range.  No doubt memories are being made and perhaps even lives changed.

Clive Palmer’s donation will hopefully make this valuable experience more accessible for the next generation over the next decade.


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